How we got here

How we got here…

If you asked “Ruby, what’s your middle name?” Her reply would be, in a firm, growling, raspy voice, “dangerrrrrr.”Perfect for the 2.5 year old whose battle over cancer and road to recovery will last the same amount of time she has been on this Earth. Of course she dances and sings. She has an uncountable amount of facial expressions to match the mood of the room. She loves playing mommy with a select crew of her dolls. She mothers, feeds, and blankets them as needed. We also find her sneaking up on us and scaring us. Sometimes when you are giving kisses or just nosing she will clasp her little talon fingers on you so that you walk away with a reminder of her love.

The only two people our horse of an english mastiff, Lucy, listens to is me and a little scowling Ruby. She, like her older sister Gracie and brother Bodie, always plays hard. Chasing, wrestling, throwing footballs and lacrosse sticks. She would be the first to dive in a pool or off a boat on a lake. This is what made 10/28/11 (official day of diagnosis) almost surreal and so emotional. How could this perfect little girl be clipping along through life, barreling through life, dominating life and then be in the battle to save here life? The weeks before being admitted to the hospital she had a run in with a couple of viruses, urinary track infection, ear infections and a bit of a flu like episode.

All seemed normal for any two year old who is out and about in life.
When she became super clingy to Jenny constantly and a growing number of lethargic episodes we knew something was up. On 10/27/11 we drove to the emergency room to get blood work done and by 10 AM we had doctors and nurses sending us upstairs to Hemotology/Oncology and the word Leukemia was being tossed around. Here it is though: It doesn’t matter as we are optimistic. Confident that Ruby will bless us with a full life of a normal kid. We are set and committed with our strong bodies to go help Ruby win her battle. “Just Win, Ruby!” Continue to will her your thoughts of recovery and wellness.

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