How We Help

How We Help

Mission Statement: To assist families with a child diagnosed with
cancer or long-term illness so families can focus on their child instead of
day-to-day challenges and burdens.

How Just Win, Ruby! Community Connection helps families

The driving force behind Just Win, Ruby! Community Connection (JW,R!CC) is to facilitate community embracement for assisting of one of their own during times when families with children who are diagnosed with cancer or other long term illnesses. JW,R!CC can accomplish this through; A.) identifying a family’s immediate needs for services and/or by B.) leveraging the resources of their community groups and entities.


A. Identification of Family’s immediate needs to potentially allocate small to medium amounts of monetary  supplements for needed  services.

Example Services: (not required or limited to)

  • Child care, Daycare, before and after care at school
  • Photography of individual and family
  • Pet care for inside pets
  • Transportation rentals and or gas cards
  • Yard services
  • Handyman work around the house
  • House cleaning
  • Funeral arrangements and costs
  • Holiday gifts
  • Clothes
  • Hotel for medical treatments when overnight stays are required
  • More…

B. Leveraging the resources of their community group and entities.


  • Churches – for meals
  • Schools – national honor society for fundraising,
  • Service Organizations like Tri-kappa, American legions, girl scouts, cub scouts etc. for funding,
  • Newspapers for coverage, awareness and advertising,
  • Restaurants to offer special percentages on food sales,
  • TV-Radio to help advertise events.