Little Wins

Little Wins!



  • Little Win to Family #146 6 year old with Leukemia. Asking for assistance with mortgage ($754.19) and IPL ($55.79).


  • Little Win to Family #145 15 year old girl with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Parents asking for assistance with mortgage ($777.96) and phone ($197.51) for a total of $975.47.


  • Little Win to Family #144 7 1/2 year old boy with ALL, mom asking for assistance with car repairs in the amount of $440.


  • Little Win to Family #143 2 yr old with Retinoblastoma lives with his parents and 3 siblings. Dad just lost his job as a truck driver in January due to having to take so much time off to stay with/care for the child. Request is for $305.24 to help pay water, phone, Internet.


  • Little Win to Family #142 Request for $449 to cover cost of whole house air duct cleaning which is needed to proceed with stem cell transplant. Child is 2 years old with medulloblastoma.


  • Little Win to family #138 a 10 year old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, family needed repairs to heat their wheelchair accessible van to get their child to doctors appointments that are a lengthy car ride one way. $1000


  • Little Win to family #141 18yo post transplant for relapsed AML, requesting help for medication co-pay in the amount of $1000. Actual co-pay is $2880 for one medication for 30 days.


  • Little Win to family #140 5 years old with Pre B Cell ALL. Family fell behind on rent while child in hospital for treatment. Requesting $550.


  • Little win to family #139 the family requests $750 for their mortgage payment because their 15 year old is going through treatment for Rhabdomyosarcoma. Mom and dad have had to take a lot of time off of work to stay in Chicago for proton radiation.


  • Little Win to Family #137 The 12 month old patient has severe RSV. Due to mother’s subsidized housing situation, she will be disqualified for her housing if her electricity gets disconnected, which means she will lose her home. Mother is having to stay with her infant inpatient which is about 3 hours from home without her three other children. The entire bill for her electricity is $406.15


  • Little Win to Family #136 2 year old diagnosed with High risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the family is asking JWRCC to cover rent in amount of $1065!


  • Little Win to family #135 $1000 towards a family’s genetic testing for mitochondrial disorder. The parents recently lost a child to this and want to have more kids.


  • Little Win to Family #134 6 yo with Tcell ALL requesting help for rent in amount of $727 and help with food and clothing for $300. There are 5 kids in the home. The patient was inpatient for a month at Cincinnati Children’s hospital because Riley hospital in Indy didn’t have a bed available.


  • Little Win to families #131-132-133 JWR purchased presents for three families (16 people total) who have a child in treatment this holiday season. All siblings and parents received gifts wrapped and delivered to open on Christmas Day!


  • Little Win to family #130 The little patient has brain cancer and I s starting radiation treatments in Chicago that will last 6 weeks. The family needs help with hotel payments and travel expenses. Jwr will donate $1000 to help out.


  • Repeat little win to family #16  single mom needs help with rent and bills! Jwr will pay $500


  • Little Win to family #128 The patient is in grand parents care, just released from foster care. Grand parents are caring for mom, and 2 grand children and have very limited funds. They would like assistance for doing Christmas for kids and food. $500-Walmart and $500 Meijer gift cards


  • Little Win to family #127 This child and his mother recently moved and mom started a new job. Money is tight for them and the patient needs all new clothes from a specific store for his size. $1000 gift card to help with clothes.


  • Little Win to Family #126 Parents of a heart disease patient needs help with an electric bill for $365.85.


  • Little win to family #125 patient has down’s syndrome, neurological impairment and a heart condition. They need help with their electric bill of $275


  • Little Win to family #124 patient is getting treated for leukemia and single parent is asking for help with purchase of food and household items. JWRCC will pay $1000 for Walmart gift cards.


  • Little Win to family #123-a 6yo getting stem cell transplant for neuroblastoma. Requesting help for car payment in amount of $470.23


  • Double little win to family #114 Jwrcc paid $517 for October’s rent is requesting assistance again with a car payment. The amount is $330.22. This is the family with a now 7 month old boy who remains in hospital with an aortic stenosis mitral valve regurgitation.


  • Little Win to family #122 The family needs assistance with their rent and utilities. The patient has a tectal glioma. Rent is $850 and Vectren bill is $190.09.


  • Little Win to Family #121 A 2 1/2 month old with AML leukemia is requiring lengthy hospital stays. Family is requesting help for their car payment in the amount of $515. JWRCC is glad to help out!


  • Little Win to Family #120 7month old never made it home from hospital and passed away. $1000 toward funeral cost.


  • Little Win to Family #119 3 year old with chronic respiratory and health issues. Recently requiring many appointments and hospitalization impacting parents ability to work. Paid rent $1,155.00


  • Little Win to Family #118 – Paid 2 months rent for family with 9 month old with acute Myeloid Leukemia


  • Little Win to Family #117 – Paid mortgage for family with a 4 year old with acute lymphoblastic Leukemia


  • Little Win to Family #116 – Paid medical bills for family with an 11 year old battling testicular lymphoma


  • Little Win to Family #115 - Paid power hook up fee for a family establishing a home to be able to bring home a 8 month old on a ventilator.


  • Little Win to Family #114 – Paid rent for family with a 4 month old who remains in hospital due to multiply medical problems.


  • Little Win to Family #113 – Paid rent and energy bill for family with a 5 year old with Aplastic Anemia


  • Little Win to Family #112 - JWRCC paid 2 months rent for family with a 15 year old diagnosed with a large B-cell lymphoma. Family struggling to make ends meet with the medical treatments.


  • Little Win to Family #111 – Paid Go Fund me Cash Strong $1000 towards medical bills


  • Little Win #110: JWR will help purchase a weighted blanket for a 2 year old patient with ALL who has also suffered a cardiac event and has been left neurologically devastated. Not covered by insurance, this blanket can help with symptoms of autonomic storming. JWR will help!


  • Little Win #108: JWR will help a family with a 5-year old admitted for the third time with aplastic anemia and complications connected to this diagnosis. Mom has been unable to work due to frequent and prolonged hospital stays, so JWR will help with electric bill and rent bills.


  • Little Win #106: A 12-year old patient battling pre B cell ALL has been at the hospital for over 100 days. They asked for help paying rent since her dad has not been able to work as much overtime as they were hoping due to hospital stays. JWR will help with $700 towards rent and $300 towards utility bills.


  • Little Win #105: JWR will be able to help a family in their time of greatest need. A family just lost their 16-year old who had been battling Ataxia Telangiectasis. They wanted to honor their child with a fitting funeral service. JWR is helping this family with their wish by providing financial assistance of $1095 for funeral services.


  • Little Win #104: A young patient is facing his third recurrence of cancer in just a few months. Mom wants to stay near her son during his treatments and the local Ronald McDonald house is full. JWR will help pay for lodging at a hotel close to the hospital for Mom so she can be close by during her son’s hospital stays. Many, many thanks to the manager of the Comfort Inn who lowered the nightly rate when he heard of the circumstances. This will help JWR pay for more nights’ stay for Mom until room at the Ronald McDonald house becomes available.


  • Little Win #103: JWR will help a family pay for a specific genetic test that will confirm a rare chronic endocrine diagnosis for their child. The out-of-state lab that can perform this test will not accept the family’s insurance and the family cannot pay the out-of-pocket expense. JWR will pay the $250 expense for the lab test.


  • Little Win #102: JWR will help a family pay their rent that they have fallen behind on. Mom and Dad have missed a lot of work to take their child to doctors’ appointments and were having trouble getting their rent paid. JWR will help this family get back on their feet!


  • Little Win #101: JWR will pay for a week-long hotel stay for a family with a child battling langerhan’s cell histiocytosis so that they can stay close to their child’s hospital. JWR will also pay for gas cards to help with transportation costs.


  • Little Win #100!! JWR will help a family in Florida whose daughter is battling sickle cell anemia. JWR will pay their bill of $655 for a security deposit for a new home they can move to.


  • Little win to family #99-The patient was diagnosed last month with an Undifferentiated Soft Tissue Sarcoma. He is receiving chemotherapy at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis and as of today is starting proton therapy in Chicago. This diagnosis, as with all cancer diagnoses, blindsided them. They have been living on one income and now the one income is stretching them thin. JWRCC will give them $1000 to help with bills.


  • Little Win #98: Just Win, Ruby! will contribute $1,000 towards rent for a family facing eviction. Mom and Dad have missed a great deal of work caring for their 6-year-old son battle AML and his siblings. Parents are working when they can in between weekly hospital visits with their son to receive chemotherapy treatment. They have asked for JWR’s help to help catch up on their rent so they can stay in their home.


  • Little Win #95: JWR will help a family whose daughter needs to travel to Tennessee for proton therapy for 6-8 weeks. Because there is no Ronald McDonald house or other lodging support in the area, the family needs help paying for lodging, food, and transportation. JWR will contribute $1,000 to this family to help defray those costs.


  • Little Win #94: JW,R! is helping a family with $1000 towards repairs and lot rental for their RV home, pharmacy bills, and groceries. Young couple was excited to find out they were pregnant with their first baby. While in utero, baby developed AAML and mom had to quit work to get through her treatments and they moved in with family. Mom, dad, and patient are now working on getting back into their home and JWR will help!


  • Little Win #92: A teenage boy battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma needs a bed that is long enough for his height. JWR will purchase a new XL bed and bedding for him ($722) to provide some more comfort during his treatment.


  • Little Win #91 – JWR will help a family with a teenager battling anaplastic oligodendroglioma (brain tumor). They have asked for help paying a past-due phone bill in the amount of $590. JWR!CC will help!


  • Little Win #90 – JWR, CC will help a family with a car payment bill parens were not able to pay while they spent time in the hospital with their 9-year-old daughter while she fights ALL. Thank you to all of our donors who have made it possible for JWR, CC to help 90 families focus on their children!!!


  • Little Win #89 – Family of four-year-old boy fighting ALL has asked for help with utilities. Mom has lost income due to the days she has spent at the hospital with her young son. JWR! CC will pay $779 to help Mom catch up.


  • Little Win #88 JWR, CC will help a family of a child recently diagnosed with cancer. Family does not have insurance and child faces lengthy treatment at a hospital that is far away from their home. They have asked for help to pay for gas to get to and from the hospital. JWR will provide the family with gift cards they can use to pay for gas for transportation to treatment.


  • Little Win #87 Family of a teenager battling osteosarcoma has asked for help with utilities and rent bills that they are struggling to pay while they spend time with their daughter in the hospital. JWR will help in the amount of $665.


  • Little Win #86 JWR, CC is going to help the family of a one-year old who has been battling chronic lung disease since he was born a preemie. Mom has been out of work while she cares for him, so JWR, CC will help pay utility bills in the amount of $779.


  • Little Win #85 Single mom with two children, one of whom has relapsed with ALL, was just laid off from her job. She has asked JWR, CC to help her catch up on her rent. JWR will pay $700 for rent for this family.


  • Little Win #84 – Family is struggling to make ends meet while they care for their 4 children, including one who is battling leukemia. JWR, CC will help this family by paying $573 to help with utility bills.


  • Little Win to Family #82 – Young oncology patient unexpectedly needed to have prosthetic removed due to infection and will need to have a new one placed in a few weeks. Dad has missed work to be with his child and family during child’s stay in PICU. JWR,CC will help this family by paying their rent of $1100.


  • Little Win to Family #80 11 year old girl passed away from pulmonary Insutticiery and urine disease. Mom and dad need help with bills up to $1000.


  • Little Win #79 Patient with Ewings Sarcoma needs help with $395 in utility bills and insurance payments.


  • Little Win to Family #76 Paid $1001.01 to a Lymphoma patient who was in need of financial help with their Duke Energy bill.


  • Little Win to family# 75  18 yo with desmoplastic small round blue cell tumor has been in the hospital for 6 weeks since being diagnosed, was in the ICU for part of this time. Has more intensive chemo ahead of him. Requesting help in bills for a total of $948.88.


  • Little win to family #74 12 yo with Leukemia and Parents getting divorced. Mom has had a variety of health issues herself and is currently unemployed. Requesting help with gas bill in amount of $245.77


  • Little Win to Family #73 $500 to a lymphoma patient for medical bills.


  • Little Win to Family #72 $500 to a lymphoma patient for car repairs.


  • Little Win to Family #71 $500 to a lymphoma patient for house repairs.


  • Little Win to Family #70 $500 to a leukemia patient in need of medical bills help.


  • Little Win to Family #69 18 mos old with Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Family had a house fire and father is doing reconstruction. Requesting gift cards to Menards $700 and Walmart $300.


  • Little Win to Family #68 Patient was just admitted for sickle cell crisis.  They are living without electricity right now due to their landlord owing money for multiple properties (using gas to get by, and sent the patient to stay with the grandparents).  They need help getting the electricity turned on with cost being $620 from an old bill.


  • Little Win to Family #67 Patient has chronic illnesses still being diagnosed. Mom has requested $200 gas cards for help getting to and from specialist appointments and $799 for a sensory tablet to improve mental and physical issues with the patient.


  • Little Win to Family #66 This referral is for a 13yo boy who started emergent radiation after finding his disease progressing after initial treatment.  He will be in Indy for six weeks for radiation, and the family has one working vehicle that mom has to take back with her to work, and care for their other child.  The father and patient are hoping to have a rental car for their six weeks in Indy with possible visits home on the weekends if the patient is feeling well enough.  They are both teachers, and dad will not have any income during this leave.  Jwrcc will pay $700 for car rental and $300 in gas/food gift cards.


  • Little Win to family #65 The patient has a long car ride to clinic and is doing a lot of inpatient stays in Indy. Jwrcc will give $400 in gas cards to help with the travel. Also, parents aren’t able to stay with the patient so JWRCC is supplying a mobile phone and 6 months of unlimited talk and text to the patient so they can communicate with their family.


  • Little Win to family #64 Patient is from out of state and comes to Indy frequently for treatments and inpatients stay for leukemia. The family is requesting $400 in gas cards to help get to and from treatments.


  • Little Win to Family #63 A request for payment of an electric bill in the amount of $525.32 for the family of a 13 y.o. receiving treatment for osteosarcoma.


  • Little Win to Family #62 6 year old. with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Mom stayed home with patient and siblings prior to diagnosis but now her family that she lives with has had to miss quite a bit of work to help with his sibling at home. Assistance with the rent ($600) would help for the next couple of months while she is coming back and forth frequently with his treatment.


  • Little Win to Family #61 The patient is a 13 year old with osteosarcoma. Mom had to take off time from to be with the patient during treatment. They appreciate assistance with their $902 rent payment.


  • Little Win to Family #60 The patient is an 11 year old with sickle cell disease. Parents home was broken into, they moved into a hotel and now getting a new place. Requesting $1000 for the first month’s rent and security deposit.


  • Little Win to Family #59 Single mom has been staying with her child in the hospital who has osteosarcoma. Mom has lost her job and will be evicted from her apartment if she doesn’t pay by this Friday. JWRCC paid $821 for her rent and late fees.


  • Little Win to Family #58 The patient is diagnosed with leukemia and has Down’s syndrome. Mom is not working to care for the patient. The family is on a one parent limited income. JWRCC will pay their utilities of $300 and $200 in gas cards.


  • Little Win to Family #57 This family is in need of rent assistance for their trailer. They just moved in after living at Riley over the past year due to their son being very sick with relapsed rhabdomysarcoma. Mom and dad need help with a down payment on rent. JWRCC will pay $455 to help this family out.


  • Little Win to Family #56 The patient has a malignant brain tumor. Mom has been unable to work (single mom) due to his surgery, chemo, and now radiation over the past two months. JWRCC will pay their rent of $840 this month to help them out.


  • Little Win Family #55 St. Vincent’s child life department has requested $500 worth of grocery store, restaurant and I-tunes gift cards for oncology patients who have to stay overnight or have long days in clinic. JWRCC is glad to help!!


  • Little Win to Family #54 This family is struggling financially due to the beginning of treatment leading to his mother missing work. They have limited income as it is with father having some recent health issues. JWRCC will pay their $700 mortgage.


  • Little Win to Family #53 This patient has just returned from transplant at Riley. She and her father have to spend one month near Chicago while she has daily proton beam radiation. JWRCC will give them $300 in Walmart cards for groceries and $100 in Speedway gas cards for their stay.


  • Little Win to Family #52 This patient continues to get admitted for chemotherapy and has PNET cancer. The dad was laid off of his job until May, and will not get unemployment payments until next month. The family was asking for help with their rent for this month of $775 and JWRCC will gladly pay it.


  • Little Win to family #51 This patient has AML leukemia and the family isn’t able to pay their car insurance bill of $584.98. JWRCC has paid their bill and helped pay it forward to this family!


  • Little Win to Family #50 The patient has dipg-brain cancer and is requesting help with a bill this month for $303. JWRCC will pay this bill and help this family out!


  • Little Win to family #49 The child is blind, along with a plethora of other long term medical problems (Blau syndrome , Jouberts Syndrome, seizures, lebers neuropathy, hydrocephalus, migraines,etc). While she was inpatient, the mom found a device that her child really responded to and wanted to get one for her daughter. The device is a 5 function sensory busy box and is around $450.00. Mom can’t afford to buy one so JWRCC will get her the machine and hope the daughter continues to respond while playing on it.


  • Little Win to family #48 A teenage boy who had Ewing’s sarcoma now has relapsed with a different cancer AML leukemia. Lots of needs for this family financially. They are asking JWRCC for $1000 for medications, gas costs to clinic, hotel stays for procedures, apartment bills, etc.


  • Little Win to Family #47 Dad works construction mom stays home. They have three children under 7-(one child with cancer). They drive over three hours one way to their appointments. JWRCC will help this family with $750 for house bills, gas and medical bills this holiday season.


  • Little Win to families #45 and #46 Both families were chosen by social workers at IU North hospital and Riley Hospital to receive useful Christmas presents from JWRCC. Family #45 has 5 members. Family #46 has 3 members and a single parent. Both families have a child going through treatment of cancer. JWRCC provided blankets, bedding, shoes, socks/underwear, coats, hats/gloves, books, board games and an outfit.


  • Little Win #44 IU North oncology clinic is in need of 25-$20 gas cards. They use them for patients who need financial help with gas getting to and from clinic visits while on treatment. JWRCC is glad to help these families make it to their scheduled visits with a full tank of gas!


  • Little Win to Family #43 This is a new family whose mother just starting working as a nurse practitioner-not eligible for FMLA (family medical leave). She is the main breadwinner for the family, and is very scared about her mortgage payment for December. With stepdad missing work for admission/diagnosis as well, they are struggling. Jwrcc will pay $900 for their December mortgage!


  • Little Win to family # 42 We are helping the O’Neill family and their campaign to save their daughter Eliza’s life. Eliza turns 5 this Sunday and the family is trying to give her the gift of life. They are making a final push to raise money for clinical trial funding that could potentially stop the Sanfilippo Syndrome she is inflicted with and save her life. Please take a moment to read her story at and join us if you can in helping this little girl and her brave battle.


  • Little Win to Family #41 JWRCC supplied a photographer to take photos of a terminally ill child and family.


  • Little Win to family #40 JWRCC bought a specific chair for a patient who is now wheelchair bound and has a long term disease called central hypo ventilation syndrome. The kids can’t just be propped up in a chair because they fall forward or to the side. Often times the kids have nowhere to sit other than their wheelchairs. So glad to help!!


  • Little Win to Family #39 JWRCC heard a previous family that we helped was in financial need again. I hope they will be delightfully surprised when they get the Marsh gift card in the mail from us! Shhh…they don’t know it’s coming!!


  • Little Win to Family #38 A patient who is currently recovering from an autologous stem cell transplant for relapsed Hodgkin’s. Her dad has been trying to work (maintenance for the apartment complex), but has to miss work to be at the bedside, learn her care, and take her to her many outpatient appointments after she is discharged next week. They could really benefit from assistance with the rent $841 for December as dad anticipates being unable to have the money.


  • Little Win to family #37 A patient with a DIPG brain tumor. She is currently enrolled in hospice. The dad has a seasonal job and they are getting behind on bills. They have requested $650 to catch them up on phone and utility bills.


  • Little Win to family #36 is a 17 year old with relapsed lymphoma who will be going to transplant soon. She is asking for $1000 to help put towards oocyte (egg) preservation and storage. Insurance does not cover this type of thing and costs $14,000. JWRCC will for sure help this patient preserve her eggs for future use!


  • Little Win to family #35 We were contacted by this family who heard about us and they live in another state! They drive 3 hours one way to see their oncologist and regular treatment visits. Mom and dad have 4 kids total and need help with gas money and food while on the road and inpatient at the hospital. JWRCC is giving $400 in gas cards and $350 in food cards to this family!


  • Little Win to Family #34 This is a family in true need. This little girl had a heart surgery two years ago, and the parents just paid it off. They are working parents (both nurses) of 4 girls with their youngest having Down’s, and just diagnosed with ALL. They make just enough to not qualify for anything, and are worried about this bills this month after Bella was admitted a few weeks ago for what they thought was a virus-found to be leukemia. JWRCC will pay their mortgage payment this month.


  • Little Win to Family #33 The patient does not have cancer, but rather born with a bad brain and has a trach/vent. The family has a tenuous home life and mom is trying to get out of her current living situation and into a place of her own. This family most definitely has a great need for financial assistance. They are asking us to pay their deposit and first month’s rent. JWRCC helps children with cancer and/or long term illnesses.


  • Little Win to Family #32 A patient who is recovering from a stem cell transplant due to relapsed AML needs financial help and has asked JWRCC to pay for all their phone and utility bills this month! Love helping and paying it forward.


  • Little Win Family #31 JWRCC paid a monthly car payment for a family in need of financial help with a child fighting cancer.


  • Little Win Family #30 JWRCC supplied the IU North oncology clinic with 25-$20 gas cards to help their patients in need make it to and from treatments! We are so glad to help!


  • Little Win to Family #29 Jwrcc will pay rent for a family with a child diagnosed with PNET cancer.


  • Little Win to Family #28 A family who has a 5yo child with AML- leukemia and they will be in the hospital for about a month x 4 with 7-10 days at home between each admission. The parents were laid off of their painting jobs a week before his diagnosis. They need help paying their electric and water bills that are already past due quite a bit? JWRCC will pay their bills!


  • Little Win to Family #27 JWRCC is paying for a hotel stay for a patient and their family. The patient has to be at clinic very early and they live 4 hours away. They would have to leave at 4am to make their appointment. So glad JWRCC can help this family out!


  • Little Win to Families #25 and #26 both families drive back and forth to the hospital and need financial help to get from their clinic visits, inpatient stays and back home to their other children. JWRCC is supplying $500 in gas cards to each family!!


  • Little Win to Family #24 JWRCC paid for an apartment deposit so the family could get a clean place of their own. They live with family now and their child just relapsed after a stem cell with AML leukemia.


  • Little Win to Family #23 The patient has had two bone marrow transplants with multiple relapses. They have a long drive to clinic and mom has used all her FMLA (family medical leave from work). They need help paying for gas to drivers while mom is working. JWRCC will make sure this patient gets to treatments!!


  • Little Win to Family #22 JWRCC paid backed up utility bills for a St. Vincent oncology kiddo! So glad to be able to pay it forward.


  • Little Win to Family #21 JWRCC paid $500 for transportation costs for a family to get rides to and from the hospital for treatments.


  • Little Win to Family #20 JWRCC supplied Riley Hospital with 50 Walmart $10 gift cards for cancer patients to use who are prescribed vitamin D tablets to help with bone pain caused by high dose steroids. Melatonin is another medication prescribed to aid with sleep and both are not covered on prescriptions.


  • Little Win to Family #19 JWRCC paid for mail order pharmacy meds so the child could take scheduled medicine the family couldn’t afford to pay for.


  • Little Win to Family #18 JWRCC did a professional photography sessions for a terminally ill child and family.


  • Little Win to Family #17 JWRCCset up a meal sign up for a patient in their community.


  • Little Win to Family #16 JWRCC paid for childcare for the patients sibling so the patient could get a stem cell transplant.


  • Little Win to Family #15 JWRCC supplied the photographers for the Riley Hospital oncology high school graduation and reception last night! Very exciting to see all the kiddos graduate with their own high school gowns on!


  • Little Win to Family #14 Tonight is the Indiana Children’s Make A Wish Celebrity baseball game. Gates open at 5pm, 6-7pm home run derby and the celebrity softball game is 7pm-9:30pm. Come out and support a great cause with your family! Just Win, Ruby! Community Connection gave money and is one of the sponsors for this great event!


  • Little Win to Family #13 The Zionsville Volleyball game raised money and 20 donations of hair (10 inches or more) to Locks of Love from players-coaches and fans at their home game. Way to go Zionsville Volleyball Great way to pay it forward.


  • Little Win to Family #12 Patient has osteosarcoma and the family needs help paying utility bills and mortgage for this month. Jwrcc will for sure help out


  • Little Win to Family #11 This family lost their daughter and needs help paying for an urn.


  • Little Win to Family #10 This patient has ewings Sarcoma and they need house repairs to make a warm and safe environment for the patient to go through treatment.


  • Little Win to Family #9 The patient has leukemia and mom and dad need help paying for medical bills


  • Little Win to Family #8 This family needs help making their terminal child go on his make a wish trip.


  • Little Win to Family #7 This family needs hotel payment for when they go to Bloomington, IN for radiation.


  • Little Win to Family #6 This family needs financial help for funeral costs for their son.


  • Little Win to Family #5 The family can’t afford to have gift for their children on Christmas. Jwrcc will supply gifts for the family and leukemia patient


  • Little Win to Family #4 $500 in house repairs for a family who has a child with neuroblastoma


  • Little Win to Family #3 Hotel costs for out of state patient and family for treatment


  • Little Win to Family #2 Helped a family with a child who has leukemia with Walmart gift cards for grocery and gas.


  • Little Win to Family #1 JWRCC helped a family who has a child with Desmoid Fibromatosis of the neck by giving money for utility, phone and rent bills.

Little Wins!

We believe the fight against cancer is a series of little wins.

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